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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


A couple weeks ago I discovered the most adorable greeting card line called, Stripy Arms. I added several of her cards to my collection and I also, added this print. I almost cried when I found it on her site!

Here's the deal . . . around the same time that I found this print, a friend had just told me I was "too much" for her. A 13 year friendship finished. Hard words to hear . . . heartbreaking nonetheless. I was also helping a friend with all of her marketing for her new store called, The Bees Knees! So if those two things weren't enough to convince me that this print needed to be in my home. A friend then pointed out that the girl in the print had short hair. I just cut off all my hair! EEEEK!!

Do you believe in signs? I call these God taps!

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