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Thursday, September 18, 2014

from blog to book

a couple years ago i was helping a friend at her photography workshop and the topic moved to personal photos.  i was a good ol' fashioned photo album girl who was getting behind and was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed so when one of the participants brought up “from blog to book” with blurb, i was intrigued!

she had a family blog that she kept up to date with pictures AND text! (something all of my photo albums were lacking!) and at the end of each year she printed her blog through blurb and ordered a book for each child in her family.  it sounded so simple and easy, except i wasn't good about keeping my own blog updated so i wasn't sure if a family blog would be a good fit for me!

but she sold me on the idea and i decided to try it for 6 months.  well, i loved it! we just received our 2013 books from blurb and couldn’t be happier!

what i love . . .
     forces me to download my pictures off my phone and camera
     details and dates are recorded
     click of a button and everything has downloaded right into a book format

and the best part? walking into a room and seeing a huge smile on cleo and henry's faces while they page through their books! so fun to see!

- new blurb customers can save 25% on photo books through september 30, 2014 -

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