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Thursday, July 24, 2014

something i read, ate, created #22

 this summer i took part in our community choir! so fun!
 didn't realize how much i had missed singing!
one of the songs we performed was 
armore que une con el amor grandisimo
the first time i read through this song these words jumped right off the page . . .

i think it's the perfect description of me!

: : : : :

last summer i spent two months on crutches so this summer i am totally making up for it! i created a summer bucket list with my kiddos. one of the first things we crossed off the list was visiting a strawberry farm to pick our own berries! ok let me tell you, it's hard work! we had fun but didn't come home with a ton of berries (didn't help that H ate more than he picked!)

i had high hopes of trying to make jam, but that didn't happen so i froze them instead. 

last week i made this! YUMMY and so EASY!
i followed the recipe for the most part, but i did not layer the berries on top of the pie. 
we kept them separate because they got a bit soupy from being frozen. then of course
we topped each piece off with more homemade whip cream! 

: : : : :

i recently had a new mama contact me and ask me if i would
create a sign that she could attach to her baby's carseat. i think you could
 hang this from the nursery door too! 

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