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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


things i am groovin' on this week . . . 

just discovered this shop on etsy. 
check out the "gentleman rules" print too!

so cute. so simple!

my husband
he's not bugging me this week! even his long 
hair and goatee are growing on me! 

a grouping of these on my front porch=super cute!
 or a big one full of drinks on my screen porch=happy darcy!

so much history on one little bracelet! 


  1. love the charm bracelet. i have my mom's gold charm bracelet from the 70s and i love love love it! almost all of them are engraved with memories. sweetest thing on earth.

  2. i borrowed my mom's about 6 months ago and have yet to return it! i love them too!