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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

country vs. town

i grew up out in the country. dead end road. on a river. in the woods. {and no air conditioning} i didn't love it. there were no other kids around and it was SO BORING! so i decided when i was a grown up i was going to live in town {and have air conditioning}!

my 10 year old doesn't love being in town and would give his right arm to live on a river in the woods! he makes the best of it though . . . here's his latest "i think i live in the country" project . . . a creek running along our property line . . . with bridges, tunnels, islands and boats.

this is the stuff he lives for. this is what gets him through a day at school . . . it's his happy place! next up; a treehouse using the only 6 trees in our yard!

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