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Monday, August 1, 2011

your mama would be proud . . .

this past february i lost a dear friend. an old friend. a friend that i have known for 20 years. we met our very first day of college . . . UW-STOUT . . . north hall.  we lived together, we graduated together, we watched each other get married and have babies . . . she was a good friend. the best kind of friend and i miss her. she left behind two great kids . . .  cole and alli. 

alli has a LOVE for horses and this past weekend i had the chance to see this love . . .  

oh how i wish that her mom could have seen her. wow! this girl has no fear . . .  right into the stall she went . . . brushing and primping and picking up the hooves to inspect them . . . we all stood watching her in awe and i know we were all thinking the same thing . . . her mama would be proud.


  1. What a sweet post....brought tears to my eyes. Amy's daughter is so lucky to have your perspective, images and words.

  2. What a beautiful blog post! Her children are lucky to have you look out for them!