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Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Henry!

H-Bomb turned 10 on Sunday! TEN! TEN YEARS OLD!!
It's so cliche but really, where does the time go?

He had a small pool party on Thursday with three of his buddies . . . nice boys, from nice families! (I hope I can always say that about the friends he chooses)

Lou, Henry, Jackson and Sam

Before the boys got too out of hand I had each of them jump off the diving board so I could make these . . . 

Let me just say: thank god there were only 4 boys! My fun idea gave me serious anxiety.

I googled pool games before the big day . . . tons of different ideas, but we decided on this one . . . the Frozen T-Shirt Game. I should have followed these directions instead of my own . . . the key here is to wring out the excess water BEFORE you freeze the t shirts . . . took a while for the big thaw, but the boys had a blast! (the tshirts had seen better days after this game FYI)

a party wouldn't be a party with out invites . . .

and cupcake toppers . . 

and thank you notes . . . 

(I am old school . . . I think kids should still write good ol' fashioned thank you notes)

Happy Birthday H-Bomb! You sure make my life more fun! Love you Kid!

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  1. Super cute Darcy! FYI - my kids write thank you cards too!