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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Shine Your Light

Every day, before Cleo would jump out of the car for school, I would say to her SHINE YOUR LIGHT, girlie!! SHINE YOUR LIGHT! And the idea was born for this t-shirt! A huge thank you to my friend, Lesley Zellers for the adorable lettering/illustrations.

SHINE YOUR LIGHT in your own way, your own unique style & only as you can do! while you're rocking this shirt, smile at the fact that a percentage of the sales are going to help a kid attend camp Icaghowan, a YMCA camp in northern Wisconsin. So they can shine their light! In their own way, their own unique style and only as they can do. 

Find the SHINE YOUR LIGHT t-shirts here! And if you live near Hudson, Wisconsin you can find them at the adorable, Purple Tree!

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