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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

and she's off . . .

In a few short weeks our gal will be headed off to kindergarten! This mama's heart is feeling all sorts of emotions! I know she is ready! And I know I wasn't meant to home school so off she must go!

I saw this quote on pinterest a couple weeks ago. It's everything I want Cleo to keep in her heart as she steps through those doors. It's hard, isn't it? To let go of the control and let our kids fly and find their way. I don't want her to lose that twinkle in her eye when she's not included or someone makes fun of her crazy curly hair or she gets in trouble at school. Breaks my heart just thinking about it!

So sweet girl, go! Have fun! Be you! Be Kind! Ask questions! Rest! Eat your lunch! Listen to your teacher! Make new friends! You're going to be an awesome kindergartner! xo

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