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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jenna Kutcher Course

A couple weeks ago I started an online course with Jenna Kutcher. I am about half way through and let me tell you . . . it's been amazing! I fell in love with Jenna's IG feed over a year ago. I loved her energy and of course her beautiful photos too! So when she announced she was going to be teaching an online course about entrepreneurship,  I just knew I wanted to do it! It was an investment of money and my time, but it has been so worth it! For me, the biggest thing (so far) I have taken from this class has been the excitement I am feeling over my business and my life! It has sort of been a kick in my creative butt to get going and chase some of those dreams! If you are stuck in a creative rut or want to make more money or want to re-brand or tweak your current brand or you want someone to light a fire within you . . . you must sign up for this class! If you have any questions feel free to email Jenna at hello@jennakutcher.com and tell her I sent you! You won't regret it!

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