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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

kids mail swap

what happens when your fellow junk lovin' friend invites you on a 5 hour road trip to dig through an old barn? you go! and then you talk non-stop (in between double stuff oreos) about life and all of the creative ideas we have swirling around in our pretty little heads! this is just one of the many ideas that came from that five hour road trip . . .

cleo has been very busy creating mail for all of her friends and neighbors. she creates a pretty piece of mail, throws it in an envelope and heads out with her mail bag in tow and delivers her mail. i got to thinking wouldn't it be fun if she actually sent out that mail and got some fun mail in return? that's where you come in! do you have a little person in your house that loves mail? i hope you will join us!

here's how it works . . .  easy peasy!

send me your child's name, age and your mailing address. (darcyjerome@comcast.net) once i have received all of the participant's names and information, i will match everyone up and the mailing can begin. no gifts or trinkets. just good ol' snail mail! 

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