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Monday, April 8, 2013

a scan :: a canvas

a few of you asked for a quick tutorial on cleo's artwork canvas. it's very simple. check it out!

1) scan. some people prefer to photograph the item first but i have better luck scanning. if you don't own a scanner any local print shop (think minute man press, the ups store, kinkos) can help you with this part. make sure you are leaving there with a JPEG of your image.

2) download it to a site that prints on canvas . . . mpix, shutterfly, walgreens . . .  i notice a lot of groupons for canvas printing. look around - you may be able to find a great deal! pick your size and order. really, it's that easy.

next up on the scan to canvas program-

this is one of kevin's favorite recipes from his mom. this one is going to be trickier-- she wrote it on three recipe cards and (since it was done last week) they look brand new which i don't love. so i am going to pull the scan into photo shop and make it a bit more "vintage" looking. eventually i will do the same with a recipe from my mom, too.

another example of a scan to canvas . . . a recipe from my great grandma sendicy.   

 : : : : : : : 

sidenote: this is another page from my great grandma's journal (where i found her recipe). the"heaviest family in iowa" . . . i sure hope no one is keeping track of my weight in a journal! isn't that funny? wish i knew the story behind the list! 



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