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Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 ornaments

i put all my christmas stuff away today--it's bittersweet--don't you think? i can't wait to get my house back to it's normal state but then there are little pieces of christmas (like these ornaments)  that i wish i could keep out all year. except i sort of think they lose their magic so off to the storage room they go!

1. thumbprint heart - - something i spotted on pinterest and made my husband do! i never did anything with it and then realized it would make a really cute ornament.

2. vintage banana seat bike - - henry's latest obsession. i found one of his drawings, scanned it and shrunk it down.

3. one of cleo's quotes from 2012. it makes my heart happy!

i have a friend who does stained glass and makes these ornaments for me. i have used photographs, vintage cards, pieces of my grandma's hankies . . . endless possibilities!

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