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Friday, September 28, 2012

recently a friend of mine asked me about interior decorating . . . i told her i don't know anything about it other than my own philosophy: i decorate from the heart! i don't hang or display anything in my house that doesn't mean something to me. as i was looking, i realized that the things that mean the most are my mini collections. 

my cameras . . . several of them belonged to my grandparents and a few i picked up at a flea market while on our rv adventure. i love that my friend, jamie, captured cleo "taking pictures."

these glass boxes (made by a friend) hold so much family history. i spy my great great grandma's view finder, my parents at prom, my grandma's birthday book, sand dollars that henry found for me, my mom's first birthday candle holder, her playing cards, my dad's baby book, hankies . . .

one of my very favorite collections . . . it's my version of a family tree for my kiddos.  
{when the color is bluck, b&w is always my fix} their great grandparents, great aunts and uncles, grandparents and kev, ben and me all have a place on this wall!

ok this is a favorite too! i have two columns on each side of my sink that display my  great-grandma's salt and pepper shaker collection. 

when we were designing my kitchen i knew that i wanted a special place for the salt and pepper shakers and my fiestaware  . . . 

i think this is an interesting collection. these belonged to my grandpa who was in the turkey biz. i don't know much about them other than they were wing labels/clips used in butcher shops to let customers know what farm the turkey's came from . . .

this was from my grandpa's farm

 : : : : : : : 

do you collect anything? 


  1. I collect owls, mostly vintage owls, of all shapes, sizes and colors!

  2. I love how you have displayed your collections, it looks wonderful. I collect books.

  3. your glass boxes full of beautiful vintage is my favorite!!!

  4. I love your collections! I always see tons of S&P shakers at an antique store here. I am starting fresh, so mine are a bit small, but I love all miniatures!