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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Mint Plant at Time

this past weekend i planted our small veggie garden . . . cucumbers, basil, red peppers, dill, carrots, cabbage and MINT! what do i do with mint? i make bootleg's . . . one of my very favorite summer cocktails!

i am introducing the bootleg to several friends this week . . . one mint plant at a time! you can too! 

you will need:
a mint plant
paper for printing the recipe
some sort of decorative paper for the wrap {i used pages from my vintage dictionary}
ribbon or twine {i used bakers twine}
wire {i used wire hangers- my mind goes right to joan crawford}
the recipe {printable here}

if mint's not your deal share your favorite recipe for basil or dill or cucumbers or spinach . . . the list is endless! 


  1. i love this idea darcy! great little gift idea! i made a drink this weekend by throwing fresh basil, cucumber, lime juice, sugar, lots of ice and vodka in a blender. refreshing!

  2. i love this idea! thank you so much for the printable.