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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i am not an Oprah Magazine subscriber, but i do buy it once in awhile . . . i really liked the May "aha moment" with LeeLee Sobieski where she talked about taking a break from technology. I couldn't find a link for it online, but i did find another blogger that summed it up pretty well  . . .  read about it here!  i am on my computer WAY TOO MUCH and it's something that i do think about . . . 

do you take mini breaks from technology?
 {phone, computer, tv}

my friend emily {who is also the best massage therapist in the whole wide world} 
gave me this recipe . . .YUMMY!!  thumbs up from my kids too!

i just listed these in my etsy shop . . . 
sometimes you just need a little notecard!

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