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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

School Project

H-bomb is in the middle of a big school project. In the past,  I have pissed and moaned about projects, but this one? This one is super cool and right up my alley!

It's called the "Immigration Simulation." In a nutshell, the kids are learning about their ancestors. H-bomb is lucky enough to still have a set of great-grand parents that are alive and well! His great-grandma Dora's dad came to the United States from Norway when he was sixteen years old. His aunt and uncle sent a ticket for his sister to come, but she was young and in love and had no interest in leaving her boyfriend behind. So Christian got on a boat and headed this way!

Part of the simulation is doing a family tree. H-bomb finished his this morning. It was his idea, and he only needed a little bit of my help. I loved how it turned out and I love how proud of it he was! Check it out . . . 

Next up? Norwegian meatballs for the class party!