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Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

the best part of our holiday was being in playa del carmen for new year's eve! we spent 6 days in mexico with this crew . . . it was the best NYE ever! 

kristin (the gal on the far right) and i get together several times a year to have camera play dates or "cpd" . . . we took it to a whole new level this year and went international!

our assignment: capture each couple jumping on the beach in manual mode! what we figured out (we are NOT professional photographers) . . .  we needed a big ol' aperture so lots could be in focus but we also needed a super fast shutter speed to "catch" them in the air.  in order to have both, we needed to jack up our iso . . . i think we did ok! i edited these using the totally rad lab (slight obsession). i tend to over-edit pictures . . .  do not follow my lead! 

if you got a new camera this year for christmas take the time and learn how to use it! it can be a ton of fun!


  1. these photos are so cool! i think you should teach a photography class darc!

  2. great photos - i like sarah's idea, too! i never use my fancy camera b/c i don't know how. teach me wise one.