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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Case Envy

I thought up until last week I had the CUTEST iphone case ever,  but then I came across these . . . damn you Write Away {you too Ashley!} now I want a new case!

This one is from Write Away {a small stationery company in Minnesota} I have a small obsession with this pattern. . . I spotted it a couple months ago when I was browsing their stationery selection. Do you love it? I do!

This one was featured on one of my very favorite blogs Under the Sycamore Tree. {I have a bit of a girl crush on Ashley Ann} . . . This one is just so cool! You can read about it on her blog. But she basically just laid out a bunch of pretty things-snapped a picture of it-and downloaded it to Uncommon. I am quite certain it wouldn't matter how many pretty things i laid out . . . my case would not be this cute!


  1. mine would not be cute either. no matter what i photographed - it would look like my phone was covered in dog hair. those writeaway girls have some CA-YUTE cases. i have my eye on two already.

  2. I just scored a super cute Orla Kiely one on eBay....it's darling and wasn't quite as expensive as these. However...it's tough to find a cuter one than Ashley's. Stinkin' crafty biatch she is.