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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Show and Tell Wednesday

I have been busy over at the Pretty Girl Shop  . . . 

this customer has been getting together with the same group of gals for over 10 years. she wanted to send each one a card before their upcoming weekend . . . this is what we came up with!

a little girl who digs trains and a mama who doesn't care that it's not the traditional thing to do!

love the colors  . . . fuchsia and black

i can always count on this customer to request a bit of glitter! LOVE!

these continue to be very popular  . . .  and how fun, the shower is on Kiawah Island!

i loved the verbiage for these . . . ellis and evette's mama is creative!

life is so much friendlier with two . . . twins {better her than me!}

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