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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Something New at Pretty Girl Designs

pretty girl designs now has two very talented illustrators . . .

introducing Andrée Tracey. . . we have been working together for the last couple months coming up with new and fun options for my customers. i hope you like the new illustrations! (featured above)
Andrée finds inspiration all around her and has a talent for turning everyday objects into whimsical art. i love her collages and other illustrations!


Crystal Kluge who has been helping me from the beginning. she is responsible for all the current pretty girl illustrations. she is so talented and i feel very lucky that she still is helping me after all these years! check out her blog and follow her creativity!

i love receiving emails from both these talented ladies . . . i never know what i am going to find! it's like christmas! thank you Crystal and Andrée!

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